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Thanksgiving Dinner for Hope CottageThanksgiving Meal at the Delta Hotel was an astounding success. Thank you!

We enjoyed a fabulous evening for our 13th Annual  HALIFAX HOTEL Thanksgiving Meal for Hope Cottage on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021.  Please see our Thank you Letter to everyone that helped raise awareness and funds towards the operation of Hope Cottage. Photographs can be found on our Facebook page posted on the 9th of November, 2021.


Hotel Halifax supports Hope Cottage





We are opening Nov 1

Hope Cottage will be offering BOTH in-house AND take-away meals beginning November 1, 2021.

Due to the Covid Pandemic, Hope Cottage had to change service models in March 2020, and has been serving only take-away meals since then. In those meals, we endeavoured to provide enough take-away food once per day to cover two mealtimes. Sometimes those meals have been both a hot main course and/or cold main course, and include water or juice with a variety of healthy snacks and a sweet treat(s).

Now that we are able to open our doors again, we will be providing two meals per day at the following slightly extended hours starting November 1, 2021:

10am to 11:30am – usually a soup and sandwich

4:30pm to 6pm – usually a hot meal, which is often prepared and served by a variety of volunteers that have generously been donating food and time and love for years.


Further information for those with particular concerns about the type of meals and the new service model for the near future:

Some of our guests will eat inside while some will be using our take-away option – though anyone who comes to Hope Cottage will receive a similar meal with either option. For example, if a soup and sandwich inside, the same will be offered for take-away. If lasagna inside, the same will be available for take-away.

Those without proof of vaccination will be provided food as take-away. We have spoken with many of our regular clients and they understand the situation we are facing.

The health and safety of our clients, volunteers and staff is our main concern. We have been offering meals to those in need for over 50 years now. Our guests are not just clients, but are also our neighbors and friends. We will continue our commitment to addressing food insecurity and thank all of our supporters for standing by us during these challenging times.

If there are any concerns about this policy or if you have any questions at all, please email



RBC Donation to Hope Cottage

A huge thank you to RBC!

RBC has gone above and beyond in helping those in need during 2020 with
their donation of $10,000 towards the roughly $300,000 day-to-day
operations budget of Hope Cottage.

Joe and Fred receiving for Hope Cottage,
as presented by Lionel Ouedraogo and Michelle Allison of RBC.

Happy 50th
50 Years:

Hope Cottage was started by Fr. Joe Mills on July 1, 1970. Fr. Mills, who was pastor of St. Patrick’s at the time, noticed a growing number of homeless people, mostly men, knocking on his door for food and assistance. There were no soup kitchens in Halifax at the time that catered to the needs of people during the weekdays. Fr. Mills called a number of women asking them to prepare a meal which they would serve to the men. 34 people showed up on the first day.

Since then, this organization has grown into an institution which is entrenched in the social fabric of Halifax. It is most probably that when Father Mills started Hope Cottage, he expected (or maybe hoped) that this would be a short term solution to a temporary problem. Now here we stand, in our 50th year of operation!

Hope Cottage, along with the Board, the Friends of Hope Cottage, are proud of the relationships we have built in the community over the years. And humbled by the generosity of our community that always steps up!Hope receives no government funding, all funds to run our operations are raised through donations, fundraisers, sponsorships and our church groups who usually donate and serve the evening meal.

Thank you on behalf of our clients, our staff, our volunteers and the Friends!

Note: we will be celebrating all year! Stay tuned!

New Shirts from Hope Cottage

Coming Soon.

A new clothing line in support of Hope Cottage


Price List :
Unisex Hoodies: $64.00
Mens S/S Tee: $34.00
Unisex Sweatshirts: $60.00
Women’s S/S Tee: $ 34.00
Hats: $34.00

Donation ideas for Hope CottageLooking for donation ideas to give Hope Cottage and its clients a helping hand this year? Here are a few:

We always appreciate coffee, miracle whip, sugar packets, can meats for sandwiches, fold lock sandwich bags, small chickens, hamburger, stew beef for homemade soups.

Gifts – hats, gloves, scarf’s, deodorant for men and women, shaving cream, razors, and socks.

Everything is greatly appreciated. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. Links are at the top and bottom of the page.


Father Joe Mills

Father Joe Mills

Welcome to Hope Cottage

Hope Cottage is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide meals to those who cannot afford to obtain these meals themselves. Since its inception, in July 1970, Hope Cottage has grown into a Halifax institution feeding over 200 meals a day – Monday to Friday. Normally meals are served twice per day but during the COVID-19 State of Emergency, meals will be served as take-out only once-per-day from Noon until 1pm.

Hope Cottage continues to be self sufficient with all revenues coming from unsolicited donations from individuals, community groups and organizations. No Gov’t funds are received by Hope Cottage. Hope Cottage was originally financed by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul but today relies totally on donations. The annual operating budget is approx. $300,000. Although there are 3 full time staff members, Hope Cottage relies on the assistance of numerous volunteers to help prepare and serve the meals. We also have the support of a number of local hotels, businesses, community groups and organizations who volunteer their time by preparing and providing meals on an ongoing basis.

We can seat about 90 people at a time and the meals all go smoothly. We have never run out of food.

As well as financial assistance we are always happy to accept donations of food, canned goods, coffee, tea etc. We regularly receive left overs from social events, weddings and other occasions which are welcomed and quickly consumed.

If you would like to make a monetary donation, you may do so using the link provided, or you may come to Hope Cottage at 2435 Brunswick St. between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm during the COVID-19 State of Emergency. Food donations can be dropped off there as well. Feel free to contact the office us at 429-7968.

Project JacobWe think Jacob is a very special young man.

Thank you Jacob for starting the “Jacob Project” to help others in need.

You inspire us!

The full story at ATV News

Andrew at Hope CottageMy Story – Andrew

Andrew’s journey to Hope Cottage began with a two-week trip to the Ukraine where he volunteered with a church group and helped at an orphanage. It was a big eye opener and instead of travelling overseas to help others, after his return, he discovered that he could help out right here in Nova Scotia.

He volunteered in various organizations locally before finding Hope Cottage. Andrew felt a calling to help more than his hours allowed, so he quit his full-time job to work part-time to give him more time to volunteer. After six months volunteering at Hope Cottage, he was offered a full-time job.

Today he multi-tasks between helping clients in the dining room, prepping the soup, making tea and coffee, setting up and cleaning up the dining area, the kitchen, and the entire facility. Besides Andrew working at Hope Cottage, his wife Kimberley and his Father Kerry volunteer every Wednesday and his Mom Nancy helps out at Christmas and during major holidays.
Andrew says it best: “I have many responsibilities at Hope Cottage – organize supper group & volunteer list – kitchen & office duties, etcetera.”

“I was offered this position and I’m so glad I took the offer. My job is very rewarding in many ways. I enjoy talking to the clients. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.”

“Hope Cottage is a great place to work, my co-workers are wonderful and I have an awesome boss. Everybody gets along so well.”

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Serving Hours: Nov. 1, 2021 Eat-in and Take-away - Lunch: 10am-11:30am and Supper: 4:30pm-6:00pm. 

Donations: At the door 8am to 6pm M-F. Financial at the door same time (online 24-hours)

2435 Brunswick Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3K 2Z4 (902) 429-7968