Hope Cottage organizes major and minor events all year. Some are major fundraisers, like our Thanksgiving Dinner, Golf Tournament, and Holiday Turkey Drive. Others are more sporadic and may be raising funds or simply putting on a special event for our guests and volunteers. In 2017 we opened our doors for Doors Open Halifax and we regularly have special meals for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Sometimes we have Barbecues and fun days in the parking lot put on by volunteers. Sometimes we have groups contact us that put on an event at their local business in our name.

If you have an idea for an event or for a fundraiser, please contact our office.

Please follow the links below to see information about Upcoming and Past Events for Hope Cottage:

Upcoming Events – Click Here

Past Events – Click Here


We are always grateful to all our supporters and volunteers who make all our events a reality. Without you, none of this would be possible.

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Serving Hours: Nov. 1, 2021 Eat-in and Take-away - Lunch: 10am-11:30am and Supper: 4:30pm-6:00pm. 

Donations: At the door 8am to 6pm M-F. Financial at the door same time (online 24-hours)

2435 Brunswick Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3K 2Z4 (902) 429-7968